TJ Transport has a wealth of experience transporting agricultural goods across the South East of England. Offering a cost effective and timely service to all of our agricultural clients for over 10 years.


We offer a versatile office recycling collection service for commercial clients, which allows you to option for TJ Transport produces and transports bedding sand for cattle which has virtually no silt and is 99% silica. Our cattle bedding sand has been thoroughly analysed by OEMAchem Ltd, a one stop shop approach to all areas chemical. They have 12 years’ experience in the laboratory analysis market, which includes particle size gradings analysis. TJ sent off a sample of their cattle bedding sand and it was concluded that it was fully compliant as an 0/1mm sand as described. Our sand is analysed quarterly to ensure a consistent high quality product.

We have a large stockpile of bedding sand at our site, meaning we can provide you with a fast turnaround – next day in most cases. We can load the sand onto your chosen vehicle or we can deliver the sand to your farm using our wide range of vehicle sizes available at our depots.

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Transporting agricultural goods across the south and supplying cattle bedding sand to farmers in the region.


We provide a dedicated haulage and aggregate supply service to the infrastructure, transport and logistics industry, specifically railways, roads and highways. 


We get involved in a variety of construction projects, from groundworks assistance and materials haulage, to aggregate supply and muck away services.


We have extensive experience of working with a vast range of manufacturing businesses and we tailor our services to meet individual clients’ requirements.

golf courses

We’ve worked in partnership with numerous golf clubs to create new and improved grounds, surrounds and facilities. TJ manages the projects from start to finish from initial concepts to completion of both structural and aesthetic aspects.