Environmental Standards

As part of our duty of care, it is our intention to reduce our carbon footprint by signing up to a carbon credit scheme to offset our usage. It is likely that we will enter into a commitment to plant a tree for every 100 tonnes of aggregate we sell.

Using technology to decrease our carbon footprint

Fissara Move, our new IT system designed specifically for us, is ideal for a transport company like ourselves as it can be utilised on the move, via Samsung Galaxy tablet devices. It is also used by office-based employees on desktop computers, improving communication between the two parties. 

This improved two-way communication enables us to lower our carbon emissions as office staff are able to route our drivers more accurately and maintain communication with them at all times. This means that as and when things change, this can be communicated to the drivers immediately, eliminating unnecessary journeys and resulting in fewer wasted miles.

Efficient Fleet

Our entire fleet is on a rolling renewal scheme, which means our vehicles are always modern and well-maintained and no vehicle is over five years old. It’s a fact that newer vehicles are more efficient and produce lower emissions; this is something that we take very seriously in our operations and that we’re very mindful of.

We also ensure that our vehicles’ tyres are well looked after to ensure optimum safety as well as performance. We utilise Goodyear Proactive Solutions, which is part of Goodyear Total Mobility, to continuously monitor tyre pressures and temperatures, alerting our fleet manager to required maintenance and potential hazards ahead of time.

Our fleet is supplied with the Goodyear OMNITRAC S D MSTII, a tyre that is part of a new heavy-duty range for mixed service trucks operating under severe conditions. The new and improved range offers upgraded durability, efficiency, mileage and traction in all weather conditions.

10/63mm Limestone

Recycled aggregates

We utilise recycled aggregates wherever we can, substituting primary materials for the recycled equivalent when appropriate and when supply allows. Our location on the south coast means that we are some distance from many of the traditional quarrying regions and so by using recycled alternatives, we can make savings for our clients, whilst also reducing vehicle travel time as the materials are not being transported from further afield.

We invite commercial third parties to dispose of their rubble at our Butser Quarry and it is this, along with rubble and hardcore from our own projects, that we use to make our recycled aggregate iBlend. We produce this at Butser Quarry and sell it as a bulk fill material, most often used for construction projects.

This service and product not only provides a readily available aggregate for bulk fill, offering convenience and better value for money than primary materials, but it also diverts hardcore and rubble from landfill, where it might otherwise end up.

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