golf course construction

We have been working with golf clubs throughout the southern region since 2015

Providing assistance in improving courses in a variety of ways. This service encompasses works such as importation, drainage, facility enhancements and aesthetic improvements.

Some of the larger projects we’ve worked on include those at Stoneham Golf Club, Littlehampton Golf Club and Skylark Golf Club – read our news articles at the above links. We are also due to start two further projects in 2022.

At Stoneham we created an enhanced and modern driving range and practice facility. We helped manage the project by supplying the materials, transporting them to the site, and carrying out the shaping, screening and placing work. The materials used for this project came from carefully chosen construction sites where the clean inert material would otherwise be going to landfill, but instead it was tested, approved and diverted to this project.

The Littlehampton project focused on modifying and improving three of the 18 holes and constructing a new practice ground facility. The modifications on the three holes involved us creating new bunding around the edge of them to create differentiation between the holes and provide a more varied golfing experience for users.  We oversaw the importation of over 60,000 tonnes of soil and other aggregate to the site, which was used to construct the facility and carry out the shaping, screening and shaping work required.

The Skylark project involved raising and improving a bund that surrounds the existing compound to make it more aesthetically pleasing. An excavator was used to dig out the bund to improve it and raise it up. Top soil and ‘as dug’ soil was used, along with Track Ballast and Type 1 iblend to the site to construct a new compound floor. Once complete, the bund looked much-improved and gave the golf course a more professional look and feel.

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The process

  • Clubs approach us with a need for improvements to their course. 
  • We will set up a  meeting with the club to discuss in detail the importance of the improvements, what they wish to achieve as an end result and the best ways for us to make that happen.
  • The club will apply for planning permission to undertake the work and once approved, we create a project plan to enable us to map out each stage alongside an estimated timeline.
  • We work closely with the club throughout the duration of the project to ensure everything stays on track and that their expectations are being met every step of the way.
  • We handle the projects from start to finish, supplying the team of staff to work on site, the machinery required to undertake the work and all the aggregates needed as well.

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Our modern and versatile fleet of bulk haulage vehicles transport a range of materials, waste and freight loads throughout the UK.


Our 8 wheel grab vehicles can accommodate a variety of waste streams including builders’ waste, inert spoil, concrete, bricks, asphalt and green waste.


Our aggregate expertise has grown over the years enabling us to source and supply our clients with the materials they need keeping affordability and sustainability in mind.

GOLF Course Construction

We work with golf clubs to provide assistance in improving courses in a variety of ways including importation, drainage and facility enhancements.


Recycled aggregates are becoming a popular alternative; we produce our own recycled aggregate, iBlend, which is made from unwanted rubble.

muck away

Our muck away service provides the ideal solution for removing large volumes of soil or rubble using our grabs and tipper lorries.