6F5 (Graded) Rock Chalk

Hard, durable and natural fill material for roads and hardstanding

Butser chalk

6F5 (Graded) Rock Chalk is a primary general fill aggregate. It is an ‘as crushed’ product that is most commonly used for capping, laid over terram to raise and level natural ground ready for a Type 1 sub base.

Thanks to it’s extensive history dating back to the 1800’s, Butser Quarry is renowned for producing a hard and versatile rock-chalk. Located within the South Downs near Petersfield in Hampshire, Butser Quarry is ideally located to supply Portsmouth, Chichester, Southampton, Guildford and surrounding areas with a range of primary Rock Chalk aggregate products for the construction and agriculture industry’s.

Available for delivery in 5 – 29 tonne loads
Available for collection from Butser Quarry

Grading: 0/75mm
Compliant to specification(s): 6E, 6R, 6F3, 6I, 6J

from £20.00 per tonne

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